listen, i might no longer be a shoujo but i can still fuckin read these if i want to

Ciel’s Selection: Best of 2016!

First of all, welcome to マジで萌え!!(Maji de Moe!!), my new personal venture. For months, people who have been following my livetweets and shitposts on twitter have been dropping hints at me to make an otome-related blog and post actual summaries, reviews and opinions.

I can’t guarantee how often I’ll update this, but I’m trying my best to figure out a schedule that best works for me other than “whenever I feel like it”, because the answer to that is probably never.

Anyway, what better way than to start off a new blog, right at the start of the year (okay, end of January is pushing it, I know, I know), than with a summary of what I thought was great before I even decided to sit down and make a blog, and possibly a brief overview of what sort of things I like and what you can expect. I’ve titled it the Ciel’s Selection series, and hopefully it’ll contain a whole bunch of random lists in the future, from amusing CGs to hilarious one-liners to rankings.

WARNING: There might be spoilers littered here and there, but it’s unlikely to be major ones.

Without further ado, let’s roll!