I don’t have much time to fulfill translation requests, however I am happy to take commissions at a fairly reduced rate for translating game snippets/scenarios, drama CD tracks, magazine excerpts, blog posts, tweets, light novels, manga chapters etc. that are related to the otome/BL interest-sphere. Feel free to try your luck, it’s probably unlikely there’s stuff I’m not willing to translate. I am currently not interested in translating stuff outside of my specialism.

I’m also happy to accept commissions for R18 content, however I reserve a right to reject a commission request if the content makes me particularly uncomfortable (hint: don’t ask me to translate really gory stuff, I squick out…)

As a commissioner, you will be the first to receive the translation, and they will not be shared on my blog until after you have seen them and confirmed so.

Private/Personal translations can also be commissioned at an extra cost (I’m offering these commissions at a rate where the compromise on your part would be to provide my blog some new content!).


  • Unless it is provided for free online (blog posts, news portals, tweets etc.) you must legally own the materials you are requesting the translation of, whether physically or digitally. No negotiations.
  • While I am happy to translate in script form, I will not offer to edit your manga pages or sub your games.
  • Yes, you could technically commission me to translate an entire game/manga if you’re happy to wait long term for it, however in the case of games, if I don’t own it, or you’re unable to film it, I will probably say no.
  • Translations can take anywhere between 3 ~ 60 days. If you need me to rush a translation, I charge extra because it’s no longer a leisurely thing and a real job at that point.
  • While I am fluent in Japanese, I am in no way a professional Japanese translator. I will try to retain the nuance as best as possible with all my translations, and I am not a localiser, so I will not “change” the context to fit Western culture.
  • To save you guys the pain, I’m gonna put a disclaimer out here, but I really hate translating song lyrics. Feel free to ask, just know that I might say no if I don’t understand it either.


All rates are inclusive of transaction fees.

  • Audio Tracks: $5~$20 (depending on the length of audio & difficulty of language)
  • Text: $5~$20 (depending on the length)
  • Visual Novels/Games: Flat rate of $20 per scenario/chapter, +$5 if it’s exorbitantly long (eg. Ken ga Kimi). Feel free to negotiate if the request is shorter.
  • Manga: $1 per page, +$1 for every page that’s extremely text heavy (e.g. Tokyo Ghoul, Boku no Hero Academia).

Please hit me up for a quote for anything that isn’t listed up there, I will try to offer the most reasonable quote.


  • I accept payment in USD via Paypal. For Malaysians, I am also able to accept bank transfers.
  • For all commissions, I require payment to be made 100% upfront. For lengthier requests (e.g. multiple chapters, entire game translations), feel free to negotiate payment terms.
  • Refunds will only be granted if I am unable to complete your commission within 60 days (on the assumption it is just 1 item being requested), however if you are willing to wait longer, please let me know!


If all the above is still fine and dandy to you, feel free to proceed to the commission form!